A recent conversation I had with Steve Jobbs

SJ: Dude is that your cell phone?

JB: Yeah

SJ: You’re using the harp ring tone?

JB: Yeah

SJ: Seriously?  You’re actually using the harp ring tone?

JB: Yeah, what’s the problem?

SJ: THAT IS SO LAME!  The harp ring tone was made for sissy’s, what’s your problem?  Are you a sissy?

JB: Wow…….gee Steve, I didn’t know you were so mean

SJ: Yeah but seriously, the bloody harp ring tone……c’mon man.  Haven’t you seen the other ring tones we put into that thing?  Like we got all kinds of really awesome ones….here….check this one out……dogs barking…., awesome, that was my idea….you know like “who let the dogs out”…..so awesome.

JB: Yeah i just don’t really like that ring tone.  I use it for one of my friends because he has dogs and I think that’s funny but as a default ring it’s a bit obnoxious

SJ: Yeah but what about the Old car horn?  Man i get such a kick out of that one

JB: Yeah dude, super annoying, it’s so dam loud.  I’m telling you the harp is real soothing.

SJ: Ok ok ok….pin ball, you gotta love pin ball

JB: No man, seriously, it’s annoying as shit, have you ever listened to pin ball?  It’s really sharp.  I’m telling you man, the only one on there that doesn’t shoot my adrenaline through the roof is the harp….you should try the harp.

SJ: Time passing?

JB: too dire

SJ: Trill?

JB: too anxious

SJ: Robot?

JB: not bad actually but i’m not 5

SJ: Digital?

JB: Shit Steve, have you ever ACTUALLY listened to that one?  It’s brutal, it makes me want to chuck my iphone at my wifes PC

SJ: “Ascending”?

JB: I’m not a mouse

SJ: “Old Phone”?

JB: I’ll admit it’s classy….but no

JB: Look Steve, why don’t you guys make some cool ringtones like a really sexy voice that says “hey big boy, someone’s calling, are you going to answer that or just tease me all day?”.

SJ: Why do you like the harp so much?

JB: Because man it doesn’t just suddenly punch you in the face.  It slowly builds into a nice soothing sound…..like someones hand softly carressing your ass before giving you a nice, light, flirty slap.

SJ: “Piano Riff”?

JB: Dude I gotta go.

SJ: I’ll call you……set my ring tone to “Sci-Fi”, it makes me feel mysterious

JB: Get some help buddy.

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  1. seriously..you need to take a friend along with you when you travel!!!
    hope you are racing fast and come home quick…my husband is lost with out you!!!
    xo day
    ps…he says..he’s “thinking of you…”

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