Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

Please take me back.  I’ve realized that there really is not much depth to twitter.  She only wants short conversations that don’t really go anywhere.  She seems only interested in the trivial things I do during the day and if I talk too much she cuts me off which is kind of rude.  It’s like she’s playing hard to get and I will admit that I do find that oddly intriguing.  That said, I miss the connection we had at a deeper level.  I’m hoping that I can use twitter for quick flings when I am looking for excitement but I am still interested in a long term relationship with you.

Twitter and I have very passionate chemistry.  You and I have that nurturing kind of relationship that makes me appreciate home and comfort and security.  I am so conflicted because at the moment I want both of these things in my life.  Twitter is so exciting and unpredictable, like a firefly.  You are more like a hippopotamus….big, strong, rooted to the ground and fun to cuddle with.

I know you are not really into open relationships but you really don’t have much choice.

Love Jasper

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