A recent conversation I had with Stephen Harper

JB:  Ok Steve, be straight with me, is that really your hair or is it some kind of helmet?

SH: No that’s my real hair

JB: Dude, don’t be shittin with me, that has to be a helmet

SH: No man, for real, this is my hair, feel it.

JB: Oh wow, that really is your hair.  That’s just creepy.

SH: Is that all you came over for?

JB: Yup, just wanted to find out for sure.  We had a pool going and I just lost $50.

SH: You had a pool going on whether my hair was real?

JB: Yeah

SH: And you bet on my hair actually being a helmet?

JB: Ummm, yeah.

SH: Wow, that’s not really what I would call “being a good friend”

JB: Oh don’t be so serious about it, you have to admit that it looks hilarious

SH: Yeah I guess you’re right.

JB:  Pals for life?

SH: Pals for life!

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