The Deflection

I know you’ve all seen this before but it’s worth another look. I aspire to be as good at what I do as this guy is at what he does. That said i’ve never actually bought one but I sure love watching him talk about it. Genius!

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  1. This is hilarious! I’m not sure if you remember my daughter Krystle (she swam with the Marlins in Guelph when you were training with Don Burton) but she’s an infomercial junkie as well and really would like to have one of these. Krystle still remembers you fondly, though she is no longer swimming competitively she still has the quarter she won from you (Don) in training one day. She also still remembers how you took time out of your training at the University of Guelph one day to cheer her on during one of her races. You are definitely an inspiration and your kindness has influenced her greatly. Thank you! Best of luck with the Ironman Canada. I’m looking forward to seeing in the news that you took top spot on the podium. KICK HARD!

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