The long trip to Saudi

Vic-Van—30 minutes

Van—2 hours

Van-Frankfurt—10 hours

Frankfurt—2 hours

Frankfurt-Jeddah—6 hours

Arrived at 9pm and into the sack.  Up at 5am an out into the middle of nowhere for mountain bike ride.  Bizarre riding here, like being on the moon.  Oil trucks go in one direction, sewage trucks taking sewage to stink lake go in the other direction.  I enjoy being here though.  It’s so different and interesting.  I’m in a fog this morning……10 hours ahead and it’s 11am.  Tonight we go for long run out in the middle of nowhere and have fireworks with all the ex-pats for Guy Fawks day (I think the British version of Halloween)  I’m going to dress up like a Canadian.

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  1. Guy Fawks isn’t the british version of halloween. they celebrate the day the guy (guy fawks) tried to blow up parliament by burning him on bonfires and setting off fireworks.

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