Not meant to offend

My last post was not meant to offend but i realize that it may eventually offend the Ironman Canada folks who are good people.  Fact is I love that race and that’s why I’m passionate about it.  I don’t want to do other races, I want to do Ironman Canada and have it be a viable career choice for myself and other Canadians (or whoever comes to race it).

Until next time, keep fit and have fun.

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  1. Sometimes good people need to be offended.
    Didn’t see your blog but I suspect it dripped with truth. For years the cost of competing continues to rise, while the economy dives (dictating that the cost of putting on a race drops)
    Sure would be nice to see a little more money in the pot for the pros.
    Credit where credit is due – IMC is now offering more money than the other NAS IMs. It’s a start!

  2. Jasper,

    I was wondering if you could pass along the details, if not the text, of the article that you posted, and allude to here. Thanks very much. See you in just over a weeks time.


  3. It’s good that you voiced your opinion Jazz – I don’t know of a pro who isn’t disappointed and/or feel deflated with the Ironman administration in the capacity you outlined. Speaking your mind is a bit of a catch-22 however…

    Best with you preparation.

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