This video is courtesy of Scott Curry- thanks Scot- somebody has to manage the beach!

We had the pro meeting yesterday which was one of the most bizarre pro meetings i’ve ever experienced but it was in typical Xterra style, very chill, laid back and easy going.  I didn’t realize the history of this event went back so far.  They hang banners of all previous winners and the list is really cool.  Mike Pigg, Richitello, Andrew Nobel heck even Michellie Jones won this thing back in 1996.  When I was just getting into the sport back in 1994/95 these were the dudes i would read about in magazines.  Mike Pigg was the ultimate work horse, Michellie won everything on the planet but I never knew they did Xterra……kind of cool.

Kelly Guest took me on a small section of the run course yesterday, up and down, rocky, sandy stuff but good.  We also ran on the most technical part of the course on the beach and through the spooky forest.  It was exactly what I hoped it would be….fun, challenging and a bit nutty.  Transition and the finish are at the Maui Prince hotel which is called something else now but I prefer it’s maiden name.PA210203

We had dinner on the beach the other night and watched the sun set it was really great.  Took some beauty photos of the FinnsterPA210212

As for the hidden message competition. Congratulations to Jaakko Hiekkaranta who answered first “Brett Favre”. I have a sneaking suspicion that you live somewhere in Europe unless you get up really early in the morning like in the 1’s or 2’s. This of course puts you at a distinct advantage, partly because of the time change and partly because of how cool Europe is in general. You have won a date with my wife but I have not told her this yet so don’t mention it if you see her. If you don’t live in Europe I apologize. I will think of a prize suitable for such an accomplishment.

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  1. I had a telephone visit with Mike yesterday evening and he explained the whole Xterra race “thingie” to me.
    Sounds like fun.
    Race Hard. Race Happy. I’m sending good vibes from Kingston.
    Looking forward to hearing how the winner of your contest enjoys the date with your wife.

  2. Wow, does the prize also include the trip to Canada? See, yes I’m from Europe, to be exact from the Land of Fin(n) (how awesome is it that your son has a country named after him :D ), but I could be mistaken as a Canadian by heart as I speak English AND French fluently, I ride a Canadian bike and I cheer for Canadian athletes! :)

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