On Friday i had my first colonoscopy/endosocopy.  It’s not normally something you should blog about but I feel compelled purely from a medical awareness standpoint.

The hardest part was the 41 hours of fasting I had to do.  Now, I know that people fast far longer than this for other reasons and of course hunger really isn’t something that we should complain about in north america (at least for most people).  But I can tell you it was tough for me.  I know I have done 24 hours of fasting previously but never quite this long.  I was only allowed to consume clear liquids so that ruled out smoothies etc as well.  By the end of it I was almost a bit high I think.  Adding to it I had to take a rather strong laxative which was really interesting.  I have never had to take one of these before and I can confidently say that they really do work.

It’s funny how things in life often collide.  I had my last meal on Wednesday night and had to go to Vancouver on Thursday for meetings that were quite important.  I was supposed to take my first laxative at 8am.  My flight (on a tiny harbour to harbour plane with no bathroom) was booked for 9:50.  It’s a 30 minute flight but a bit risky I think.  I had to make the decision whether to take the laxative before flying and risk obvious dramas in the air versus delaying the laxative to post flight and risk a rather embarassing meeting in Vancouver.  I decided on the former and it paid off.  at 9:30….20 minutes pre flight time it hit me and I managed to have access to the bathroom.  I can tell you that I was more nervous for that flight than any in my life.

The day was interesting…..sugary tea and the odd bit of hot honey water sustained me through the day.  I arrive back in Victoria late at night and managed to get to sleep which was a brain saver.  Next morning was pretty easy, some caffeinated tea helped things.  My endoscopy was at 1:30 and I had some food on the ready that I could eat immediately following.

This procedure is not really that much fun.  The tube with the camera on it goes in the back door so to speak and has a look around.  I certainly had moments of nausea but also moments of extreme interest and fascination.  A large TV screen showing the inside of my colon was right infront of me and I could take a good look.  It was much different than I thought it was.  I was definitely clear of any biological waste so we got a real good look at things.  Thankfully nothing major….primary reason was due to significant bleeding post Ironman Canada which was a bit worrisome but all clear.

So I say the next time you have the chance to have one of these you should go for it.  You only live once.

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  1. Only you as crazy as you are would go to a meeting in the middle of all this.
    Most would stay near the “porcelain pony”!!!

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