Home at last, home at last!  I think we were ready to come home, 4 weeks on the road and two big races left us all a bit drained.

PA250232Well Xterra was a bomb.  Can’t really say what happened on the day but I had nothin and that just ain’t right.  Perhaps a bit burned, who knows.  I swam well but after that I started going backwards in a hurry.  I felt off all day.  To be honest I hate that comment “felt off”, it sounds so random and the sport ain’t random, you should show up knowing roughly how you are going to perform but this one just mystified me.  I will say however that I scored some totally awesome bunny hops and some good airtime on the decents.  That course was like an MC Escher painting….you know the ones where the stairs always seem to go up no matter how you look at it……it was a tough one for sure……exactly what an xterra should be.  Tough run with sections on the beach and in the spooky forest and a typically spectacular hawaiin ocean swim.  I will go back for more.

And now a toast……

PA230231A cheers to Kelly who mixed it up for the day and put himself in striking position.  A cheers to Mel who battled her way to the podium again, dam impressive.  A cheers to Hawaii for being such an awesome place.  A cheers to all the comments and support from you folks over the past month.  A cheers to the last two races that kicked my ass. A cheers to all the people at the last two races who kicked my ass.  A cheers to my sponsors, thank you again for another great year.  A cheers to Brett Favre (just for being you buddy, just for being you).  A cheers to “Top Chef” our show of choice during taper time.  A cheers to Jude who is pregnant and beautiful.  A cheers to triathlon which continues to get more nerdy and I love it.  A cheers to the gang who came out from Victoria to cheer on Mel (but secretely were cheering louder for me).  A cheers to flat tires and CO2 cartridges.  A cheers to time off.  A cheers to Maui sunsets.  A cheers to Finn who likes to cheers everything including dinner plates, random bits of food and of course anything that he is drinking.

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  1. Yep…you have an “attitude of gratitude” Nice.
    BTW…Mike’s Mom and I were talking about you last night…we both approve of you as one of Mike’s friends…just in case you were wondering and worrying…lol

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