Random Garbage

I dig it when you copy a file on the computer and it gives you that little icon of papers being moved into a file folder- it’s so organized and clean

One of our cats pees on everything

I like how easy it is to use wordpress and pretend I know what I’m doing with websites

I’m not really a huge fan of the general look of gmail but I like the usability.  One thing that’s a pain in the butt is that “reply all” requires a small drop down menu which is really stupid.

I like Beatles rock band because i know most of the words….or at least I thought i did until last night and realized that i sing alot of incorrect versions of those songs.

I did Bikhram Yoga last night and it was hot.  The first 20 minutes were really hot.  It was stinky and you drip with sweat.  I will likely go back occassionaly….what else is there to do?…watch TV?

Don’t ever buy GE cordless phones, the ring tones are loud, annoying and unsoothing

I ordered an S.A.D light yesterday.  It cost me $255.  They are not cheap those things but if it keeps me out of the nuthouse this winter it will be worth it.  It’s supposed to improve your general state of being during the winter.  It would be a good joke if they were just normal lights that didn’t do anything different than the lightbulb you can buy at the store.  I bet in a few years we will find this out and I will realize that “the joke was on me”.  I hate the lighting industry because of this.

Books I currently have on my office desk:

  • Lore of Running- which looks way to thick and intimidating to read
  • Periodization Training for sports by Tudor Obampa
  • New Earth- Eckhart Tolle
  • Status Anxiety- Alain de botton
  • Primal Blueprint- Mark Sisson
  • Stillness Speaks- Eckhart Tolle
  • 4 hour work week

Yesterday I swam, mountain biked with tony, went to the HPR beer mile, did bikhram hot yoga, went to a party and got partially hypnotized I think, rocked out to beatles rock band until 1am, woke up with this morning at 5am and have been givener all day…..i think a crash is immenent.

This blog post is likely the thing that preceeds the big crash.  I feel very sleepy at the moment.  I have to go to a fundraising party at the trek store tonight and it starts at 7pm.  I’m not sure i’m going to make it until then.  Although history would indicate that i get a second wind around 8:30pm and yet a third wind around 11pm.

I”m now officially a member of the Chamber of Commerce…..framed certificate and everything.  I get to go to mixers.

Finn got his helicopter back today with thanks to Pippa.  “Actar” is all he’s been saying for the last two days.  He was very excited to get his Actar back.  When do kids start finding comfort in the attachment to things.  Would they do this if they didn’t see adults doing it?  Sorry to get all philosophical about a kids toy but I think there are many problems that become rooted in the idea that we own or need things.  This was his first real attachment to something.

Time for a shower- I=Stinky

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