Surfs up

This is my first ever Youtube entry. I’m embracing the internet superhighway. PA140199

Sunday post race i watched football coverage from 7am until dark. Monday we hung out. Tuesday we did the drive past Hawi and went body surfing at the beach. Today we went to Hapuna beach with Rich, Heather and their two kids Elizabeth and Clarke. Finn and I did some surfing…..wicked fun!  Rich and Heather’s kids are a riot.  They bounced around in the waves for hours.  Finn was loving the surfing.  “nanny, nanny, nanny”  which means “another, another, another”  Life is too good to stay grumpy about the races.  In fact I’m thinking of renaming my blog “My totally awesome life” or “I am super smart and good looking”

PA140195Haven’t done anything since the race so decided to run home from Hapuna beach which is about 7 miles and the exact 7 miles where I started to come apart on Saturday. Turned into a very motivated run. Did a hard interval set…..felt good to get some aggression out. Not a bad thing to do after an Ironman that you don’t actually run in. Legs felt a bit wobbly, but good….probably be stiff tomorrow.

We have the best sushi place here in Waikoloa. I’ve had sushi almost every day since the race for dinner or lunch…..with a cold beer. Cold beer tastes good with sushi on a hot day. Brett Favre enjoys game meat with beer, he’s 5-0 now.

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  1. Awesome! Finn looks totally solid. Nothing like some time in the ocean to make you feel connected. Looking forward to seeing some more vids. Where’s Jude? Bikini?

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