We flew to Maui yesterday already a week after Ironman.  Time flies when you are living.  Finn got a kick out of the plane.  I don’t think he can quite believe he’s in a plane, they are a regular sighting for him day to day.

Traveling with the little man is exhausting.  The flight was only 30 minutes but Jude and I were both wiped by the time we got here.  I think the packing up, loading the car, dropping off the rental, getting on the plane, security, getting bags, getting new rental, checking in etc……with a wee man who wants to wiggle and worm and run away makes it really challenging.  But guess what I’m not the first person to ever have a kid and we only have one so I’m not that talented.

We crashed out last night then today I went for a sweet mountain bike on the roads of maui.  I felt so rad and bad ass.  I found some tiny trails off the road and was in a “if it’s anything but pavement i’m going to tear it up” mood.  To be honest i really didn’t find any real trails except this one that was about 100m long and I nearly crashed.  When i got home I discovered that my special trail was actually a cacti war zone.  Jude and i spent 2 straight hours picking out thorns from my tires and not even the stans is sealing most of the holes.  It was ridiculous.  We pulled out somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 thorns.  I’ve kept them all and will have an official tally by tomorrow.  So that brings me to another rant about tires.  If I have to buy two more tires this trip i’m going to throw a tantrum.  I think the ones I’m riding cost me $100 each or something and the Larsen TT’s i need to race on are at least that.  please sponsor me tire company so I don’t have to remortgage my house and kick finn and jude out on the street.  I did some harder sets on the bike today and a harder run set off the bike.  I feel pretty good actually, thanks for asking.

Finn has discovered make believe cooking.  He emptied all the pots and pans out of the cupboard today and spent about an hour cooking meals for jude and I. Most of what he cooked was crap…..either too well done or undercooked.  I told him I was not impressed and to not quit his day job.  The truth hurts sometimes little boy.  He desperately misses his new friends Elizabeth and Clarke.  He keeps asking for them in sign language.  Why is everything a little kid does so cute and adorable?

We went to the Maui Aquarium today and had a blast, so many cool fish and so many reminders of what can eat you in the ocean.  I felt more calm about the ocean this time around.  As Mike says, if the sharks want to eat you they will……which is sort of comforting I think considering nobody ever really seems to get eaten.

Until next time, keep fit and have fun.

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  1. Hi Finn! We miss you too!! Made it safely home today. Long flights but mostly slept.
    Good luck in the race Jazz- kick some butt on the trails!

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