Stan Hayer and the Men’s Ski Cross Team

It was without a doubt the highlight of my day today to read about Stan Hayer and the Men’s Ski Cross Team.  Stan is an old racing buddy I grew up with in Kimberley.  He had a heck of a career on the National Ski team, mostly as a Slalom skier.  Since then he’s been rippin it up on the World Cup Ski Cross scene.  I did some investigating and found that there are a few guys on that team I used to race with….Cam Culbert, Nik Zoricic, Dave Duncan.

When we were growing up Ski cross wasn’t even invented unless you consider knowing every trail and jump on the hill our own version of it.  These dudes were all cutting it up on the FIS scene when i was racing….a couple of the guys quite a bit younger but all of them brilliant athletes.  They had a feel for the snow and a knack for speed.  To see them kicking ass in Ski Cross brings the biggest smile to my face.  My old coach Jurg Gfeller always used to say “the dream never dies”.  These guys are cranking it in a sport we all grew up loving.  Well into their 30’s I’m sure they’ve been told several times to hang it up but they obviously aren’t interested in hearing it.

So to the boys of the Canadian Ski Cross Team- I salute you.  I’ll be a regular visitor to the Ski Cross website: and I can’t wait to watch you in Vancouver!

I flew into YVR last night and the Olympic vibe is buzzing…..can’t wait to watch.

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  1. I remember Stan from the old racing days (and your name is familiar from pouring over the old results sheets when I was a kid). I was a Whitewater racer from Nelson (born in 72) but never raced past about 16. I’m always interested to see that Stan is still competing at the ripe “old age” of 37 and that you are still competing at such a high level. CONGRATS! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Stan at the Olympic ski-X today.

    GO CANADA…. Jeremy McComb

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