You will all be happy to know that Starbucks is the same over here.  I think I can even purchase the exact same scone which is kind of creepy if you ask me.

We swam this morning at one of the compound pools.  Went right back to the basics…..floating, balance, sculling, catch, kicking and how to engage the core and connect the lower body.  Lots of work to accomplish in the swimming department.

Did a fun circuit training workout with Loay.  I think he will be sore tomorrow.

I’ve discovered the TV series called “Weeds”.  I’m starting with season 3 but downloading season 1 as we speak.  I watched alot of episodes today.  Back to my room for some yoga.

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  1. Re: TV programs, “Breaking Bad” is the new hotness around here. It can be pretty merciless, but it’s very compelling stuff, smartly and convincingly played, and at time hilarious. Definitely owes a lot to Weeds thematically too. If you have some TV time I’d give it a go.

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