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  1. Followed you through the race…worried…e-mailed Heather and found out through Jude that you were sick and remaining in the medical tent…glad it was not an accident. Disappointing but another day “at the office”…not all are good.
    Happy Birthday to you and Jude…older and wiser as Finn will tell you some day. Loved your pictures posted.
    GO at Xterra we will be thinking of you.
    Mum Pady

  2. Saw the quick commment on Mike’s blog that you’d had a tough day so I came over here to your blog. Wicked sunburn…yuck.
    No I didn’t track you…you can ask Mike about this…lol!

    Race Hard and Race Happy at Xterra.

  3. Jasper, congratulations on the attempt. Last year was my first Kona shot and my day ended at mile 10 of the run, much the same as yours did. It was my 6th Ironman, and my first DNF in any race. I left Kona feeling totally lost like..”what the F#$! just happened??” Like you i was fit, rested, keen (well, obviously not FIT like you, ha)..and my body gut just shut down.
    Reading your blog helps me understand that it wasn’t necessarily poor planning, poor execution, bad race management etc….knowing that the pros can have those days as well, really helps us age groupers out. I’m not thanking you for DNF’ing…but i am thanking you for posting the story of how even a professional’s day can end the same as us age groupers. It is a learning opportunity for me to read blog’s like yours and see how you evaulate the day. Ironman is such a mystery, but that is why we do it i guess. I am hoping for much success for you in Maui, and i know your trip to Kona next year will be the great success you have dreamed of.
    Keep pluggin away!