Ahhhh The big island

Just arrived.  Love it here….warm, warm and warm.  Tropical storm blowing through, warm wind, fresh fruit, big ocean.

Long flight with Finn.  Poor little man, up at 4 and was in hyper crazy mode half way into the flight, past the threshold of normal tired and on fire, never seen a human wiggle and squirm that much…..but oh man when the crash came it came hard….could’ve set him out on the wing of the plane and he wouldn’t have woken up.

Short run when i got here, felt like dirt, heavy legs…..better after.  watching snl, funny as……

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  1. Hey Jazz,

    If you ever want to visit Hilo side, there is some sweet riding over here and some incredible trail runs and sights to see. I have two extra beds in my place.

    Happy ironman prep ;)

    Much aloha,

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