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  1. Good luck next week Jazz, you will have a great race and that bike looks like it cuts through the wind like a sword!!!!! (maybe not the helmet though). I still owe you a six pack of cold suds so be sure to let me know when you get back to Vic.
    ps. tell Mike N that I better not catch him walking out there!!!

  2. no straps . . . that’s gotta be 50 maybe even 100 watts. over 180K that’ll save probably 20 to 25 minutes! THEN, you factor in the wind. Maybe more like 150 watts. But this is Hawaiian wind, so more like 200 watts. So then we’re talking 40 to 50 minutes! We also have to consider the “no fuss, no mess” factor. This is HUGE! No fuss translates to about 7.5 – 10%, & no mess could easily be equivalent. That saves up to 15% off your bike split! So another 20-25 minutes! Then you take into account that this is Ironman & you need to run a marathon. The energy saved on the bike will probably save you at least 5% on the run. Another 5 – 10 minutes! We’re talking about 1h25 off your overall time. Fastest bike split . . . & a new course record!