This bike will likely have the fastest bike split in Kona this year

photo(2)Well, maybe not this bike but one like it.  And maybe not me riding it but Chris Lieto.  Bottom line is that is looks pretty cool and I have an orange helmet to match so take that un-color-coordinated people.  The only drawback is that i have a red, white and blue race outfit which I suppose doesn’t really go well with orange but this isn’t a fashion show so back off Tyra Banks.  This bike is sporting the newest and coolest tool kit behind the seat.  No straps, no fuss, no mess….clips into the seat rails and is super aero.  Perhaps tomorrow I will show you a picture of it froma  different angle.

Rode out the bike course today with Mike Neill and I’m certain it was windy.  Sometimes it’s not good to think that it’s windy because it may not actually be that windy compared to how windy it can be and if you thought it was windy and it actually was not then that just sucks.  But I think when you are going 17km/hr in one direction pedaling like a mad dog and 47km/hr in the other direction without pedaling it’s safe to say that it’s windy.  Unless of course you are going uphill and downhill but we are not talking about hills here, we are talking about wind.  Hills are different than wind.  With hills gravity is the factor that we must contend with.  And if you’re on the moon or some other surface where gravity is not as much a factor well then it’s just easier to go uphill.  I’m sure there are some planets that have much stronger gravitational pull which would make going uphill much more difficult especially if you are wearing a space suit.  Hawaii is funny like that, you feel like you are in outer space but you don’t actually need one of the suits designed for outer space.

Finn played nude hockey on the grass today for about an hour.  NO it’s not ok to join your kid in nude hockey in a common area of a condo complex.  I said to the guy “no sir, excuse me, what age does it become inappropriate to be nude?”  and he said “well jackass, i’m pretty sure that it’s not ok when your 35!”  and I said “i turn 36 next friday”

Speaking of jackasses- There is a sign on the road going into Kona that says “Donkey crossing”

Jude: “What do donkeys eat out here”  referring to the lava wasteland where it seems nothing grows

Jazz: “They eat each other”

Jude: “Donkeys don’t eat meat”

Jazz: “Hawaiin donkeys do”

Jude: “Carniverous Hawaiian donkeys”

In other news, Finn gave jude a piece of mango from a fork that he had recently put in his bum which allowed me to coin another classic phrase that will no doubt go down in history “mango bum fork”.  Some phrases don’t need years to become classics….some phrases are instant classics, this is an example of one.

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  1. Good luck next week Jazz, you will have a great race and that bike looks like it cuts through the wind like a sword!!!!! (maybe not the helmet though). I still owe you a six pack of cold suds so be sure to let me know when you get back to Vic.
    ps. tell Mike N that I better not catch him walking out there!!!

  2. no straps . . . that’s gotta be 50 maybe even 100 watts. over 180K that’ll save probably 20 to 25 minutes! THEN, you factor in the wind. Maybe more like 150 watts. But this is Hawaiian wind, so more like 200 watts. So then we’re talking 40 to 50 minutes! We also have to consider the “no fuss, no mess” factor. This is HUGE! No fuss translates to about 7.5 – 10%, & no mess could easily be equivalent. That saves up to 15% off your bike split! So another 20-25 minutes! Then you take into account that this is Ironman & you need to run a marathon. The energy saved on the bike will probably save you at least 5% on the run. Another 5 – 10 minutes! We’re talking about 1h25 off your overall time. Fastest bike split . . . & a new course record!

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