Vancouver Half Ironman

Fin 1 reducedYesterday I had a good race but will admit that I took a good thumping.  By the end of the first of 4 loops on the bike I knew that running down Jordan was going to be an extremely tall order.  He was sinking about 90 seconds per lap into us despite the fact that I actually think we rode quite well.  I came out of the water near the front and ended up in a group of 3 very motivated individuals and the goal became to limit the beating on the bike.  We came off with a 6 minute deficit which is pretty darn massive.

Steve Kilshaw set a strong early pace on the run and Justin Starks and I managed to match it for about 5-6km but I just didn’t have the leg speed in me and he eventually broke the bungee so to speak.  Steve ran really well closing the gap down to about 5 minutes and I went into survival mode in the last 10km and did my best to hang onto a podium spot which I did finishing 3rd.

Jordan was really strong all around, Steve also had an incredible day and Justin motivated me enough to stay in 3rd.  Sometimes you race to win, sometimes you race harder for 3rd.  I never mind loosing if I giver shit and so there you have it.

Other noteables-  Brent Poulson did a heck of a job hammering himself on the bike and swim, impressive!  Fletcher coming off no running for 7 weeks with a stress fracture managed to hang onto 3rd.  The woman who won might be one of the most talented individuals I’ve seen in a long time.  I think she will do huge things in the next few years.  A big shout out to Dina who finished just over 6 hours and showed the ocean whose boss!  And to Chris who busted out a 5:01 in only his second half ironman and 4th ever triathlon.  Pretty darn impressive if you ask me.

Always great having Finn there.  I think I will likely be finished with racing by the time he is old enough to get it but at least we will have some pictures to show him.  Nothing beats hanging out with that little dude.  Win or loose it’s always awesome.

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  1. Hey Jasper, way to hang in there on a tough run and taking 3rd. A good thumping always motivates me for the next time out!

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