Watch that first step, it can be a doozy- Subaru Half Iron- Shawnigan

Last weekend kicked off the first race in the Subaru West Coast Triathlon Series at Shawnigan Lake. Normally this is the first half ironman of the year for me but i had to pull the plug due to a rather large pain in the butt. I had a bit of a significant crash 2 weeks ago and landed on my hip/tail bone with exceptional force. I was listed as day to day heading into the race but decided on physio orders to pull the plug last minute. After some diagnoses it looks like I sprained my SI joint and of course have some significant bruising and swelling on the backside. The bruising came out about 5 days ago and as you can see it looks very attractive.  It was definitely one of my scariest crashes.  It happened almost at a stand still but I could hardly walk and hardly move for about a day.  Everything was swollen and siezed up around the buttox.

I did manage to score myself as the swimmer on a relay team however which was great fun.  A shout out to Chris and Steve who both did a great job this weekend. Chris in his first true Olympic distance with an open water swim and Steve, the machine, Kilshaw who raced smart and fast and won a big trophy. Fun to watch!

Next up Couer D’Alene in two weeks.

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