Suspicious Backpack Blown up in Seattle

In Seattle some guys threw a backpack out of a van and for some reason people going by thought it might be a bomb.  So they quarantined the area, brought in the bomb robot and blew up the backpack.

They had to evacuate people from a nearby hospital and it took most of the day to prepare the site for the blowing up of the backpack.

It was confirmed later that the pack was full of clothing.  Phew, lucky it wasn’t a backpack full of grape jelly or fake blood or red wine or some kids lunch or even……BOMBS.  What if it was full of squirrels or hamsters or crazy glue…..or especially BOMBS.  What if it was full of cute cuddly puppies or tiny kittens or other cute furry things.  Or worse yet, what if it was full of BOMBS?  Like miniature super bombs that need a little boost to get going.  Or what if it was full of school books or a homemade lunch or pictures of cute puppies.

Are you kidding me?  Have we really gone that far down the road of ridiculous?  That’s just awesome.  Don’t leave your backpack lying around anywhere or someone might blow it up.

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  1. You would think that if they had the money for a bomb robot they could afford a x-ray device. Then they could check the insides first to see what may be in there, before they just go and blow stuff up.

  2. That really makes me mad. We were coming back from Bellingham and my friends kept teasing me about throwning my bag out the window. Then all of a sudden by accident it was gone. Not being from that area by time we got turned around the area was closed off, now I have to buy all new underwear and socks. Come on nobody throws a BOMB from a car, they get put in vans in parking structures, we all learned that in the movies. Well until I get new undies guess it is just the ones I got on.

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