Pro Meeting

PA080183Woke up short swim with some pick ups- feeling good

Short run with strides- felt like ass at first better after about 10 minutes

It was a who’s who at the pro meeting today.  Mostly on account of it being mandatory so all the who’s had to be there.  I was sitting beside a few who’s so i took this photo.  I asked Chris McCormack for his autograph but it turned out it was Norman Stadler (oops!).  The place is buzzin!  Good to be out in Waikaloa where the buzz aint so loud but I’m enjoying the buzz this year.  It’s a special race and an honor to be surrounded by so many legends.  Alexander, Stadler, McCormack, Welch, Newby Fraser, Jones, Neill, Wellington….the list goes on and on.  It’s cool to be part of it.

Got hooked up with the new Blue Seventy suit.  Will be the first time here that I’m not standing on the pier race morning PA080190thinking “WTF i’ve never seen those suits before…..and wow, they go right down to the bottom of the legs….and wow, those things are like a wetsuit, and wow, I secretly wish I had one of those”.  Thanks Blue Seventy, good to be part of the team this year.

“I have to go to the whiz palace”…..I just heard that line on TV and couldn’t resist.  We watched Something about Mary tonight and Bret Favre makes a camio.  Man, that guy is awesome.  When I went to school in Green Bay I went on a recruiting trip and happened to be on the same flight coming into Green Bay.  It was early 90’s and he was coming to do his first year with the Packers.  He was a big dude, wearing baggy weight lifting pants and a ragged t-shirt up in first class.  The tennis coach pointed him out when i got off the plane and said he was there new hot shot QB.  He hadn’t played a game yet for the Packers but went on to be a legend….hard to believe that was 16 odd years ago.  I played a year of tennis then switched to triathlon.  I had no interest in football back then, maybe I should have tried out.

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