Knoxville Rev3 Race

As much as I tried to have a video blog available I couldn’t seem to get the thing to upload from my computer….I need the twitter hacker to help me out with some of my computer navigation skills

In a nutshell Rev3 Knoxville was really good.  Raced well and not too far back at the end of the day.  Ran my way into 9th and a paycheck….gutted myself to get there.  Had one of the fastest run splits and felt good about the effort over that distance.  Speed concept worked out brilliantly, fit well right off the bat and feels incredibly fast.  Rode with guys I would normally not ride with.  First time on Di2….literally had 30 minutes on it the day before but it works seemlessly….big button harder gear, small button easier gear…..shift on the bar ends and on the brake levers……way safer, way smoother.

Top guys were impressive….so strong all round, no real kinks in the armour.  Torenzo fourth race in a row and nearly took another win.  Matt Reed now has a really good opportunity to grab all three events and claim a 100k bonus which would be cool to see but there will be lots of us trying to stop him in the next two races.

Sore today for sure, en route home from TN- which by the way is a very cool city despite the fact that I didn’t get to see Taylor Swift or Faith Hill.  I know they were also looking forward to seeing me……sorry ladies, you had your chance….chalk it up to experience, better luck next time.

Rev3 and Heather Gollnick did an incredible job hosting the race, it’s a big job and they are nailing it…..great events, tons of fun for kids as well…..definitely going to the next one in Quassy.

Full results here:

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