Desert Racers

Landed in Saudi last night.  As this rant on Conan tells us, we should be in constant awe of the fact that one minute you can be in Victoria Canada and the next you can be in Saudi.  The contrast between the countries couldn’t be more extreme on so many levels.  I am treated incredibly well here and am really grateful for the experience. (I would embed it but apparently that has been disabled)

Today’s run with Dina was out out out in the Desert….like real desert, like hot middle of nowhere desert.  We did 2 hours 45 minutes on a mix of bumpy road, sand road and rocky mountain trails.  It was slow and steady but productive.  Dina does not get a chance to run outside very often in Saudi so I think it is a real treat for her.  We misjudged our water consumption and the last 45 minutes were a bit rough, everyone a bit dehydrated but we were saved by some Boedwin (sp??) people (Desert people) who we happened upon with a fresh supply of water.

Things you will never see in Canada:  Half way through the run a truck zooms past in hot pursuit of a crane like bird….hunting it for lunch.  They took a shot and got one of the legs but the bird continued on.  We were willing the bird to fly off into the mountains but it kept flying low over the desert which is an easy target for skilled hunters.  At one point the truck was barreling towards us…..bumping wildly on the rough desert terrain, driver gunning it towards the flying bird and passenger leaning out the window, rifle at the aim trying to take a shot……craziest thing I ever saw.  I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be terrified…..middle of nowhere, camel carcases, hyena and wolf tracks everywhere and mad hunters going 80km/hr leaning out the window trying to shoot a bird that is flying straight towards us.

Run done, onto the bike this afternoon…..oh and they eventually got the bird, it was a bit sad really but we did see them cooking it up for lunch so not a complete waste.

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