Jasper of Arabia

img_1036 Back from the far east and again an amazing experience.  It was a great camp and Team Altayeb and Nazer did a fantastic job and got through some big mileage.  They both got through 5-7 hours of running including a 3.5 hour run day on Thursday.  I think they are both ready for a great marathon in London.

It was a good trip training wise for me as well.  It is a little tricky to do everything perfectly but I made sure I got the quality sessions in.

Highlights included a group ride with the Wolfi bike shop of 170 people that starts at 6am by police escort and is the the dark for the first half hour or so.  It’s quite an amazing thing having that many people, mostly ex-pats cruising along.  The group separates into three different rides at about 40km in.  There is a sprint that I went for and ended up second.  I wasn’t sure where it actually finished which made it interesting but I am still counting it when I submit for my sponsor bonuses at the end of the season:)

My Saturday was pretty nuts but a good way to end the camp…..bike, run, run again on the beach and finish with a big swim in the evening.

Now I’m home and completely wasted from the travel…..it’s a long one…Dubai-Frankfurt 7.5 hours….Frankfurt for 2 hours, Frankfurt- Vanouver 10.5 hours, Vancouver for 2 hours, Vancouver to Victoria I swam with all my stuff and I won that race as well so I will be submitting that as well.

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