Big Weekend- Broken Stear Tube

This weekend we did a big group ride up to Parksville and back with Mike Neill and Human Powered Racing.  This is a yearly thing for HPR.  Two days back to back 180km in each direction.  Group ranges from all levels, some making it up in around 5 hours, other up to 7.5.  Pretty epic days for some of the folks.  We stop in Chemainus on the way up for lunch which was an interesting way to break up a ride.

We hammered away with a group of about 5 and made it up in just over 5 hours.  I will admitt my legs were pretty smashed by the end.  Ben Cotter can mash some massive gears!

That night, cheap motel, pizza ordered in, bed by 8:45 then up the next morning for return journey.  An hour into Sundays ride I hit a rather significant hole and snapped my steer tube.  I would say I’m rather lucky to have stayed upright, we were on a slight downhill, probably around 50km/hr.  Lucky the steer tube went and stayed more or less in tact, rather than the stem, handlebars or tacoed wheel.  So my sunday was spent in the back of a pick up truck listening to 60’s rock with some of the awesome support group.  I got some sweet new aps for my iphone.

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