Jasper Biking- JeddahIn Saudi you have to adapt.  We take a great deal for granted in North America.  Riding on the roads over here doesn’t seem to be a common theme.

So we head out of town and into the desert.  It’s not unlike being in Arizona really.  Yesterday we hit up an amazing network of dirt roads out in the middle of nowhere.  It’s hot here right now, mid to high 30’s which is throwing me for a bit of a loop.  We rode just over 2 hours and only had to cross a paved road on one occassion.  The paved road is laden with large trucks carrying sewage to “stink lake”.  Much of Saudi does not have the basic infrastructure, things like sewage and water have to be trucked in and out of town constantly.

We rode 2 hours up and down rocky terrain and I will say that it was a treat to be cruising outside albeit on a rather large mountain bike with road shoes and pedals.  Dina was rockin it!  She even made it up one section I had to unclip on and clumsily stumble up a narly rock road in my bike shoes, real graceful.

Tomorrow we run at the beach house, wicked sweet.

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