Tubular Tire For Sale

Brett Favre is awesome!

The energy is really building now.  The pier is one of the most famous venues of this race, it’s the swim start and home of transition.  Every morning from about 6:30 onward it’s a mass of shaved, lean bodies jumping in and doing their swim workouts.  It’s also a who’s who of the sport from the young stars to the old legends.  Ironman is unique.  There aren’t too many sports where the best in the world hang out and do their sessions where everyone else does.  The other day at the pool Craig Alexander last year’s mens champion was swimming during open lane swim with two other random folks.  You could fashion it to seeing Federer warming up at some public courts in town.  It’s rare in the sports world.

Quick swim with a short set with Mike then onto the bike for a 90 minute ride and another prep set.  Swimming is feeling really good and riding is as well.  Home by noon, some food and a good nap then Finn time on the soccer pitch and in the pool.  Short run this afternoon with some strides and now a couple hours of “the office”, best show on TV.  Bought first season of Friday night lights that we might get stuck into as well.

FOR SALE: Tubular Tire- $29.95 plus shipping and handling
Excellent Condition
Used for about 100km of riding
One small hole
This tire retails for $130 and is a must have for anyone who likes to ride their bike. Don’t let imitation tires fool you. This is the real thing. It can hold up to 200psi.

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  1. Friday Night Lights kicks butt (no pun intended haha). Good show to watch to pump you up for the big race.

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