Roger Federer

Federer plays in 3.5 hours, we have a DVR, Federer is the new Brett Favre

When a company sends you a bill….let’s say Teresan Gas….and it says CR beside the amount you owe, this does not mean that you owe that amount, it means your account is that much overpaid as in you have a credit.  Of course if you pay that amount, the next bill will show twice the previous amount as  CR as well and if you pay that amount…..and so on…….I’m such a dumbass….we now have a $407.00 credit balance with Teresan Gas.  Every time the bill has been coming over the past few months i get more and more perplexed as to why we are using so much gas and how every month we seem to be using more and more and more.

Why am I in charge of our household payments?

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