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  1. Howdy Jasper,
    As a fellow Guelphite and triathlete I enjoy your site immensely and have flowed your career with interest. I have watched the Gryphs for many a year. I have the privilege of being cared for by Brenda Scott Thomas of Speed River Physiotherapy during my racing efforts. Brenda is a top flight Pysiotherapist and does work for the National teams as well as running her own company. A dynamic couple in Guelph on the running and sports scene in general.

  2. Hey Jasper,

    Great to see the old pics, I was in highschool when all that was happening, and I know you are being modest because you were all running gods to me then. The team that exists now has pretty high standards, and good history to live up to, standards and history that you guys all set and made. That said, they are living up to and exceeding those standards, and making their own history.

    Each group has it’s own personality, something that i’ve noticed from looking at that program going into it, being there and coming out of it. One thing that does remain consistent is the great work ethic. I know you and the “old” boys had something to do with the establishment of that environment.