No pain no gain

Recovery week done and now we start the real threshold work……12 weeks of it to be precise and that will roll us into the race season hopefully fit and fast.  Our weekly hours in this stage typically drop to between 20-25 for most weeks compared with 25-40 in the base and Ironman specific phases.  As a good friend once said “speed kills” so you have to be careful when you are ramping it up.  But it only takes the body a few sessions to get back into it then I think you can let’er rip, giver shit, get tough!  An even better quote from the same old wise man is:

“It’s not who can train the hardest that wins, it’s who can recover from the hardest training that wins”

Saudi continues to be a great place to be.  I watched Liverpool play Aston Villa last night and much to the cheering delight of my hosts, Liverpool crushed them 5-0.  It was a heck of a way to watch a football match…..perhaps in a different life I would be a footballer.  My new favorite player: Steven Gerrard…….check out this highlight real….all from outside the box….like a cannon!

Super Gerrard!

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