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  1. Wow. That’s cool. That’s a life changing experience I bet. I like so much that in this little video, the guide suggests that the Muslims reading from the Koran may be reading about the life of Jesus and Mary. A good reminder to those of us in Canada who have so much ignorance about Islam. I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but Buy Nothing Day is coming up on November 27th and when I think of curbing our culture’s addiction to consumption, I often wonder what we could learn from Islam. I’m sure there are thousands of differing views on this from Muslims, but it seems like there might be a recurring theme of getting what you need and not more? I don’t know. Maybe you can do some research for us on what Islam might have to say about over-consumption! I could be totally out to lunch. Hey, totally interesting post Jazz! I’m so stoked to read your words about the call to prayer in Jeddah. In Jeddah!