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  1. Brett Favre!
    I’ve been enjoying your posts. I hope you, Jude and Finn are having a wicked time. Yay for mountian biking:)


  2. Brett Favre!!!!! woot woot what’s the prize??? Maybe a new bike….or some new runners??? haha JK Good luck in your next race!

  3. I saw that shark attack on the news. As a duathlete entering triathlon, with a shark phobia, I will have a very hard time getting into salt water. I don’t know how everyone surfs and swims knowing they are out there.

    Stay safe.

  4. Jasper, what an adventure! I was always a little nervous swimming in Hawaii, but somehow the beautiful fish and turtles took my nervousness away, but then of course there’s Mike’s comments.
    Have a great race this weekend. If you’re allowed I’ll make sure you get some of my chocolate chip cookies when you get back. ( I think you might have to negotiate with Finn) Race hard and have fun