Three Hard Days

Hit the wall today but three good days will do that.  Still feeling a bit out of whack from the back but it’s coming around.  I always find the first hard run back after an injury time out a bit uncoordinated.  Saw Dr. Guan yesterday for some adjusting and that seems to have put me back in alignment.  He worked on my right ankle for 35 minutes, guys awesome.


Threshold+ swim- 2500m of work

Threshold+ Run- 20 minutes of work

Bike- Easy spin


Belted it with Mike for 3 hours

Observatory- 5:54

Durrants- 4:51

Thompson- ?

Dean Park- ?

Observatory to finish- 5:38—i think the fastest i’ve ever gone up there.

Swim- Easy recovery


Threshold swim and belted–felt like having a sleep

Run- 45 mintues with Finn

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