Back home and heading into third week of first round of real speed/LT work.  Body is tired for sure and last week we ended up right on the bubble of being real smashed.  I will admit I feel quite wrecked today.jazz-n-fin-1-reduced

Some good work though and we are cranking pretty good.  A wise man once said:

“Speed Kills”

Which I would tend to agree with if you don’t watch it.  But we are hanging in there.  Threshold runs and rides with a big base and you can start to move.  We ran off the bike on Saturday- goal pace of 5:20/mile because I can’t do math.  I thought this equated to a 1:13 half marathon which is about the kind of speed we are looking for in a race.  But of course it is closer to a 1:09 which is a little rich.  It felt like we were sprinting and after a 4 hour ride we were pretty baked but we made it through real steady.  5:40’s is actually what we meant to run….a good lesson that if you accept that you have to do something you can probably pull it off.  If i thought 5min/mile equated to a 1:13 we probably would have run that and got through it…..which begs the question of whether limitations are physical or mental………..

The bottom line is that Finn looks good in sunny’s!

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