Hour of power

adam2Well it’s not actually an hour and i’m not sure how much power i have but it was quite delightful.  I joined super Mel for a few hours of super fun mountain biking in the dump.  I’ve heard of the hour of power but never experienced it first hand.  It’s an 8-10 minute loop with a mixed bag of terrain, some quite technical, some fire road.  We went for 4 loops.  It was super fun and I learned that control on the bike when you are going hard is a different ball game.  I think I faired quite well and Mel is a good guage considering she probably outrides alot of guys.  She kicked my butt on the more technical sections i cannot lie.  I was doing well on the third loop until I stuck my foot through my front wheel and broke a spoke.  But my Shimano XTR wheels (deliberate product placement) are bomb proof and i was able to ride the entire fourth loop with a busted spoke and very little wheel warping.  I even managed the ride home no worries.

It ended up being about 35 minutes of power…..infact i’m so powerful that is how fast i can do an hour of power…..in 35 minutes.  As usual, it was one of the most fun workouts all week.

Here is a random picture of Adam Campbell running.  He just finished his first year at law school and said it was pretty intense. Not as intense as an hour of power adam, not nearly as intense my friend.  Who do you think you are anyway, comparing law school to the hour of power.  I’m calling you out man, hour of power or law school?

He is doing the Vancouver marathon next weekend.  Send him happy vibes.  Go Adam

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