I’m not really a reliable blogger I’ve realized- partly due to the fact that when i’m at home there quite literally is not enough time in the day.  But when i’m traveling it is not quite as nuts.  So here are some pics from Regensburg- one of the most beautiful spots for an Ironman on the planet.  I’m not taking part- here in a supporting role.  Definitely worth putting this one on your bucket list.

I rode 6 hours yesterday on the bike course which starts with a decent climb up to Blumberg- a small town up in the hills then descends rapidly down onto about 50km of flat terrain where you hop from small town to small town on narrow winding farm roads- it really is beautiful.  It feels on occassion as if you’ve been thrown back to medieval times.  The only store I could find on the route was located in a small village and only had Coke, Fanta and water so for the last 3 hours I drank half Fanta, half water- actually reasonably refreshing.  The historical value here is amazing- old buildings, cobblestone streets and the Danube River snaking through on its extensive journey through Europe.  Really worth the trip!

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  1. One of Randy Zab’s (Mike Neill’s coach) athletes is racing today…Glenda Clapham. If you see her cheer loudly!!

  2. It is a good race, but also good to remember the event is handled very differently from let´s say, IMC. I am working on a summary for friends regarding all of the items that are different between European and N. American races- interesting as there are a few.

    This was hands down the nicest bike course (totally closed and smoothest pavement) that I have ever encountered. I didn´t get the time I was hoping for due to breathing issues, but overall a good race. My main complaint is people smoking along the run course, especially if you are very sensitive to smoke-this would not be the race to do or the place to stay. There was at least one major crash on the bike I am aware of, wet road and tracks. He is okay. It was a bit dangerous out there, rain and cold. I think the organizers and police still have some fine tuning to do, but they are getting there.

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