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  1. One of Randy Zab’s (Mike Neill’s coach) athletes is racing today…Glenda Clapham. If you see her cheer loudly!!

  2. It is a good race, but also good to remember the event is handled very differently from let´s say, IMC. I am working on a summary for friends regarding all of the items that are different between European and N. American races- interesting as there are a few.

    This was hands down the nicest bike course (totally closed and smoothest pavement) that I have ever encountered. I didn´t get the time I was hoping for due to breathing issues, but overall a good race. My main complaint is people smoking along the run course, especially if you are very sensitive to smoke-this would not be the race to do or the place to stay. There was at least one major crash on the bike I am aware of, wet road and tracks. He is okay. It was a bit dangerous out there, rain and cold. I think the organizers and police still have some fine tuning to do, but they are getting there.