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  1. Thanks – nicely written – we’re in the trying to have kids stage and it certainly is a “can’t I stay selfish a little longer” and “circle of life” rollercoaster…you’re article is very real and balanced (it appears to my uninitiated eye) – happy parenting!

  2. Jasper, what a great read. Yes, there is nothing more rewarding, yet more challenging than having children. It is THE most important thing we do in our lives, yet the one with the least training. The only thing I wish I’d done differently, is to have had more children.

  3. Thanks. Great read.

    You’re absolutely right that as a parent you’d happily give up your life for your kids, that’s just the way it is. And surviving your kids is a terrible thought. The only thing worse is dying so you can’t be there to protect your young children and help them. I’ve had a recurring nightmare about that, absolutely terrifying, I choke up just recalling it…

  4. Some great wisdom in here Jasper!

    I am not a parent and the idea still terrifies me because I’m not sure I could approach it as well as you do. That is why I gave you that Super Dad T-shirt. I hope you wear it, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t – because you are Super Dad in my eyes.

    I am not sure I agree with Wendy that having it is THE most important thing we can do in life. But since she is a mom I am happy to know she feels that way. If more parents did then, well, things would be better.

    As for the meaning of life – I don’t think there isn’t one. You will live. You will die. I don’t think it means anything. But as humans we like to puzzle over things. Sometimes that helps us, and sometimes it doesn’t. Trying to discover the meaning of something that is meaningless strikes me as a bit like a cat chasing its own tail – fruitless. I think this is why nobody ever seems to come up with some grand meaning that really resonates with people.

    I think it can do us some good to know that it is all meaningless. Then perhaps we won’t take ourselves so darn seriously, whether or not we are parents.