(There’s supposed to be a picture here of mike and I swimming but I can’t make it small enough.  So picture this: Mike Neill, in a speedo and nothing else, hairy chest, benching 350 on the pool deck, Jasper Blake, speedo, spotting mike while he benches 350)

Good swim this morning at the sweet pool in Kona.  Saw lots of superstars like Cameron Brown doing laps.  We did a set of 8*200 and things were feeling much better than yesterday.


After the swim I bought a hat.  It’s the coolest hat I’ve ever owned and it goes well with my sunglasses.  I’ve finally figured out what the big deal is with big sunglasses.  They make you look skinny.  I look 10lbs lighter in my sunglasses and I am frequently hearing people whisper as I walk by “man, that guy looks fit”, it’s a really big mental advantage for me this year.

In the afternoon I went for a bike workout, real chill out the gates and over to the base of the climb to Hawi.  We took Finn to the beach and he got some sweet air time.  I’m thinking of building a catapult or trebouchet to better launch him into the water.  I want people to say “Wow, that kid had some serious hang time before he hit the water”.


We watched Brett Favre beat up on the Green Bay Packers today.  This was his last game in the 30’s.  He turns 40 on October 10th which happens to be Jude’s birthday.  I am October 9th which is one place higher.  Generally folks born on these days are really cool.  Football is wicked….so much hype surrounding the game it was awesome.  I love watching NFL football, awesome show man awesome.  They did a sound bite reel with some of the stuff Favre has said over the years:

“You guys should take two weeks off then quit” (talking to ref’s after a bad call)

“Who hit me?  Who hit me?….oh, it was you, I thought you could hit harder than that” (Talking to a guy who just sacked him)

“Take it easy on me, I’m getting old” (Talking to several guys who just sacked him)

Guy’s awesome!  Bed time.

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  1. I gotta see that photo! Send it to me sometime and I’ll fire it back to you all small and stuff. Wish I was there buddy! Oh, and happy birthday!

  2. Yes Jaz, the reason you look fit is the sunglasses.

    (thanks again for the sunglasses, by the way, I look as fit as Jasper Blake now.)

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