Interview with INFINIT

I recently signed on with INFINIT nutrition.  The primary reason was to take advantage of their customization program, which I have always felt is an incredible concept in the sport drink industry- one that is usually dominated by a “one size fits all” mentality.  One of the things INFINIT offers is a nutrition consult whereby you can establish your own personal formula with the help of one of INFINIT’s lead experts.  I was so impressed with this service that i offered to feature an interview with them on my blog.  Not too many companies offering a real live phone chat with an expert so you can design your own drink. Aside from the customization aspect I was super impressed with the way they actually formulate their drinks- based on osmolality- to the point where they actually list the osmolality of each individual formula- even after 15 years in this sport I feel like I was back at the school of details- super cool concept, super cool company.

1. Did you know a lot about INF prior to the consultation?  INFINIT

Jasper: Yeah definitively, I had used INFINIT before but not exclusively.  Always intrigued with the customization, but never dove in.  No product can be a “one size fits all solution” this is where INFINIT can really help.

2. What sorts of issues HAD you been having with nutrition?  INFINIT

Jasper: Generally my nutrition is pretty good; I have a good understanding of my needs.  However in some instances I ran into issues where the product was too highly concentrated, this was associated with use of the gels or bars.  This led to vomiting.

In hotter climates I have struggled to take in as much fluid as I require.  The ability to stay hydrated and fueled at the same time in hotter races has proved to be elusive.

3. What insights did you get from consultation?  INFINIT

Jasper:  There were 2 primary insights that were so valuable:


➢          How important concentration is – or osmolality.  Sort of understood the idea, but not too the level that INFINIT does.  Impressed that INFINIT blends to an osmotic value to ensure that blend will be absorbed.

➢          If the osmolality is appropriate you then open the floodgates to how much you can consume.  Not limited to the grams of carbohydrates that you are taking in, if the osmolality is ok it opens the ability to consume more and the amount being absorbed.  If I can take in more – I will stay hydrated and not go into a caloric deficit and perform at a higher level.

4. Tell me about your association with 7SYSTEMS. I love how our products are complimentary. You?  INFINIT

Jasper: A few others and myself founded 7Systems.  We were looking for something that was better and simpler in the supplement industry.  When traveling from race to race we all had multiple bottles of different supplements, the products we took had variable levels of quality, and of course there was the question: was it clean from banned substances.  We set-out to provide a solution to those three aspects – that is exactly what 7Systems delivers, simplicity, quality and peace of mind.

INFINIT and 7Systems are two products that focus on the endurance products.  The two products are complimentary.  Both companies appear to be smaller than traditional nutritional and supplement companies in the way they deal and interact directly with their customers.

Both are products that I use every day – they are essential on race day as well during my training.  It is so important to have something that you can trust on race day.  With INFINIT and 7Systems there are no surprises.  They are the two most important pieces of the nutritional puzzle for racing to your potential at Ironman.

5. What races do you have coming up? How will 7SYS and INF fit in to those?  INFINIT


Knoxville REV 3 – May 15th

Vancouver Half Ironman July 3rd

Victoria Half Ironman June 9th

Potentially Calgary 70.3 July 31st and Vineman 70.3 July 17th

My “A” race is IM Canada August 28th, which is also the race I will lead up to 15 others in the Race4MS Charity.

6. You’re also a coach… was the consultation something you might find useful for athletes?  INFINIT

Jasper: No Brainer!  As soon as I had the consult, I thought every athlete has to have this interview.  With my coaching, I do not just send out programs, they have a high level of interaction with me.  This service and product will enhance my program; it will maximize the benefits of my program.  There is no guesswork; you know it is going to work.  I coach age-groupers and pros and everyone reacts differently to different products.  To have this available is absolutely huge, if they have their nutrition solution figured out now, it is a major obstacle out of the way.




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