Hit the reset button

There are some things that you happen upon that are almost quirky.  They may not have a clear scientific explanation although I’m sure the right person could delv into it and come up with something that made sense on that level.  I think there are just some things that we happen upon that make sense intuitively.  And there are certainly things that we can all throw in the “i’m nuts pile”

My latest one I stumbled upon this morning at the lake.  I’m calling it the three day reset rule.  It’s happened a few times in the past but today I put together all the pieces.  Thursday of last week I think i reached my saturation point with hard efforts and had a really awful swim session.  I felt uncoordinated, lethargic, unresponsive and just shitty.  So, no swimming since Thursday and today felt really good again.  I’ve tried it both ways, push through it, get up friday do a pull set, saturday do a technical session, get in, keep the feel, plug away but it seems to take 10-14 days to actually get back to a place that feels decent.  So this time, no swimming for 3 days.  I have that luxury on account of swimming not really being that big a deal in long distance so it’s an interesting experiment.

It may not hold true for everyone but for me, 3 days seems to be just the right amount of time to hit the reset button in my nervous system.  Obviously this is a rarity and can only be executed when absolutely necessary.  I’ve experienced the same thing running.

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