Speed Concept Photos

A huge thanks to the guys at Trek for making it happen.  I will admit it was a bit nerve racking traveling to a race and meeting my bike there but all the measurements and specs were pretty much bang on and I’m lucky enough to be riding a speed concept tomorrow at the Rev3 Olympic race.  For a company as big as they are they still have a remarkable ability to take care of minute details and the fact that they did a rush build with di2 group and got it here says alot…….can’t thank you enough.

Had a chance to ride it today and it is as good as the hype.  Very stiff, responsive and the cleanest bike i’ve ever been on.  No cables anywhere and very slippery (to the wind).  It fit almost immediately….some minor adjustments were necessary but all good.  Considering how stiff it is you would think it would feel clunky but it is the complete opposite of that, feels light underneath you and handles really well.

Can’t wait to race!

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  1. Wow. Nice ride! Please post more photos. Why are they backward? How did the stem end up coming out? Could you post some pics of the cockpit?

    Big fan! Do great at Rev3 Knox!

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