A recent conversation I had with Shimano

JB: Hey I just got this package from you but there must be some mistake

Shimano: Yes, we sent you a package

JB: Yeah but did you check it before you sent it?

Shimano: Yes, what do you mean?

JB: I mean, did you check and see what you were actually sending to me?

Shimano: Yes, I’m pretty sure we did, why is there a problem?

JB: No, ummm, no problem at all, just wanted to be sure you actually meant to send that package

Shimano: Look, it sounds like there might be a problem.  Was there a problem with the package that came

JB: No no…..no problem at all

A recent conversation I had with myself later that day

JB: Ha, they must have made a mistake for sure…those idiots….they must have thought this Di2 group was going to Oscar Freire…..this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s all electric and all I have to do is push buttons to switch gears….you gotta be kidding me!   And check out these wheels man…., prototype C75’s for sure this was not supposed to be sent here…….what they don’t know won’t hurt them i guess.

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  1. Oh, no, wait. I get it. Shifting on aero bar and base bar…but braking requires cable? Phew.

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